Hi. Welcome; glad that you found my newsletter in all those zetabytes data in the world wide web.

If the word ‘cryptocurrency’ gives you an allergic shock: then, please, i think it would be better for you to, idk, click the little red ‘x’ in the top right of your browser.

I am yannick eckl, 30 years old, from Germany, but living abroad as a digital nomad since almost two years, travelling the world; so far central- & south america as well as the Balkans in Europe.

I worked as a professional SEO since 2008, founded my first business with 15, worked for various clients (back then mainly seo) and later on as an online marketer (SEO/SEA + other disciplines) in multiple companies.

My cryptocurrency-journey started in early 2017, today I am fulltime in this mess we call ‘crypto’; thanks to ‘crypto-twitter’ it didn’t take long till I was at the ‘point-of-no-return’. I am a huge advocate for private finance solutions; Bitcoin, Ethereum and others will face problems that most are not seeing, yet.

Besides investing i am focussing on my work as marketing consultant for different clients in this space; I am as well a contributor of the crypto-magazine cryptoslate.com (1M+ monthly readers).

Parallel i am building GameFiGosu, a place for GameFi enthusiasts, together with one of my best real-life friends, @blockchaingosu.