Hello! Hallo! ¡Hola! привет! Bonjour! Merhaba! أهلا! こんにちは! 你好! 안녕하세요!

I am Yannick, in the world of Cryptocurrencies rather known as ‘Cryptonator1337‘ or ‘CR1337’. I am 30 years old, from Germany, but living abroad as a digital nomad since almost 2 years.

I have worked as a Professional in Online Marketing since 2008. Curious, ambitious as I was, things went quick and I started my first business at the age of 15 – one of the youngest business owners in Germany; ever. Over the years I have worked for various clients, from small enterprises up to multinational corporations, both, as freelancer or inhouse.

My Cryptocurrency Journey started in early 2017 – it did not take long and I was hooked up. For several years I have been full-time in this industry, currently working as a core team member of Navcoin & as a freelance editor and researcher.

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Cypherpunk & Digital Nomad // Pro Freedom. Pro Privacy. Pro Decentralisation. // Core Team @Navcoin // Committee @lunarpunksquad // @PriFiSyndicate